Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Standards, part 3

If you read this blog regularly, you've perhaps already read my thoughts on standards.  Shockingly enough, I have another example to share.

I listen to a fair bit of NPR during the week which I've talked about a few times.  This week talk of the bombers has been prominent, as it is on most news stations.  But one of the programs really caught my ear for the hypocrisy.  In the very same segment, I heard the statement "We don't want to allow people to use this tragedy to push immigration legislation." and "We need to look at how guns were used in this instance and determine if we need any new laws.".  This is incredulous in that the speakers don't even realize the have a double standard applied to the same event.  In their mind anything is fair game to promote gun control, but it's dishonorable to use tragedy to push other ideals.

If it didn't happen so often, it would boggle my mind.

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