Friday, April 19, 2013

Being Prepared for Emergencies

I have a lot of friends who make being prepared a priority in their life.  Part of the mentality is having a set number of items a person carries on their person everyday.  This is frequently referred to as Every Day Carry, or EDC.

A person's EDC list likely includes things you normally carry as well.  An ID.  Some money.  A bank card.  A phone.  It's pretty common for most people I know to carry all of those things.  But some of the more prepared may add other things to that.  A bandana, flashlight, knife and multitool make my list.  If you see me, I have at least those things on me.  I find I use the knife, flashlight and multitool almost every day.

Many people I know add a firearm to their EDC list.  Depending on who you are, I think that's a rational choice.  But there is one thing that a person may find more useful more often, and that's a first aid kit.  Just look to the bombing in Boston- a first aid kit and the training to use it could have helped people.  A gun would have been a liability as the police and military cracked down.  I'm not saying a person shouldn't carry a gun, only that if you do, it makes sense to carry a first aid kit as well.  And if you don't, it still makes sense to add a first aid kit to your EDC.  Many people I know carry a quality first aid kit in a bag, perhaps a backpack, purse or satchel.  If you want to be prepared it seems like a reasonable inconvenience. 

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