Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Suppressor Comparison

As mentioned in this post, I am now the proud owner of two rifle suppressors.  They are a Surefire 762 Mini and a AAC Ranger 2.  They are of similar size and weight, with the Surefire being a bit longer and heavier.  There are two main differences.

The Surefire has a quick detach (QD) mount, allowing me to quickly attach it to anything with a matching muzzle device.  As well, the Surefire is a .30 caliber suppressor, where the Advanced Armament one is for .223 (and smaller) only.  As well as being for .30 caliber, the Surefire is rated for more powerful cartridges.  I couldn't shoot a 22-250 through my Ranger-2, even though it's 22 caliber, because the pressure is too high.  I could damage it.  However, cartridges of that power are perfectly fine to shoot through my Surefire can.  It offers more utility for the extra size and weight.

I wanted to see how they compared side to side on similar platforms using the same ammo.  I went to my local indoor range and tried them back to back on AR-15's with 12.5" barrels.  This is where my Ranger-2 lives- permanently attached to a 12.5" barrel.  The other gun was my Short Barrel Rifle, also with a 12.5" barrel.

They sounded pretty much the same.  At the indoor range I couldn't tell a difference.  Now, at the muzzle or standing to the side or downrange they very well may sound different, but I was surprised as to how similar they sounded.  No real change in volume or tone.  Keep in mind .223 is quite loud, even silenced.  It's obviously a gun firing and is louder than a .22 rimfire.  It's not like the movies.  But outdoors it's almost hearing safe when you use a suppressor.  Not quite, but getting there, and a lot quieter than unsuppressed for sure.

My goal with the new Surefire can is to put together a deer hunting rifle that I can mount it on.  I'm quite protective of what hearing I have left and hunting is one of the few times I discharge a firearm without hearing protection.  Something that would take the snap out would be most appreciated.

I am going to continue to test these side by side and I'll share my thoughts as I go.  So far I'm surprised by how similar sounding they are.

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