Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Dangers of Transporting Fuel

More than a year ago I offered my thoughts on the Keystone XL pipeline project.  Of course it's still in the news as the president waffles on whether or not to build it in the US or not.  It's a great political issue, one that energizes certain groups and allows the parties to grandstand and even push their agendas in certain cases.

One of the reasons I suggested building the pipeline makes sense is safety.  That oil is less likely to be spilled if it is transported by pipeline rather than by tanker truck.  As well, moving the fuel via pipeline is a more environmentally friendly way to move it than via truck.  Oh, and sometimes the trucks explode and kill two dozen people.  That's bad too. 

We need to start evaluating decisions like this based on rational thought and science instead of emotion.  Making decisions based on emotion put people at risk.

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