Monday, April 8, 2013

Sequester, My Ass, part 3

And what do we see today regarding new government expenditures?  My favorite is the BATFE looking for bids for a new database, a database to track people and who they associate with on social media.  You know, like blogspot.  Or Facebook, or Google+ (or hell, gmail or gchat for that matter) or twitter, or flikr, or any place on the internet you login and share things with other people.  The ATF thinks they need to know who you talk to and share things with all the time, just in case they think you commit a crime.  See, it's hard for them to find your friends to try to get evidence against you during an investigation, so they want to be pro-active.  We're all on the verge of being criminals anyway, right?

Increasingly, if you type it on the internet, the government wants to store and track it.  Be careful what you write, lest your idea of free speech crosses the government's line of dissident or insurgent. 

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