Monday, April 8, 2013

Who Supports Gun Control?

Not cops.  Over and over again you see articles and studies showing that most beat cops (not the guys in the office or the sheriff types that are elected and mostly politicians) support private gun rights.  In fact, in this most recent study, more than twice as many cops think banning "assault weapons" will have cause violent crime to increase rather than decrease, although 70% think it will have no effect at all. 

85% of the officers polled think the legislation supported by the white house will have "No effect" or a "Negative effect" on crime.

Only 5% believe that having armed citizen president in an active shooter situation (a mass murderer, like a school or movie theater killer) would make the situation more deadly.  86% believe that having an armed citizen present would reduce or avoid casualties in a mass murder situation.  This is in line with examples we've seen when armed citizens are present.

81% believe that gun "buy backs" do nothing to affect crime in a given region.

Anyway, read through the questions and answers if you are interested.  It's solid data from the people who respond to violent crime as their job, and it's an opinion I respect.  Remember, gun control isn't about making people safer, it's about control.  It's an flimsy excuse to chip away at existing rights.

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