Monday, July 8, 2013

Keep Stalling that Pipeline!

Every week for the last couple years we hear a new tidbit of news about how the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada is being stalled.  I've written about my opinion on it before in this blog.

The point most people miss is building a pipeline from into the US or not is not related to oil being pulled out of the tar sands.  It will just be transported by other, more costly (both in dollars and environmental cost) methods.  Those transportation methods are more risky as evidenced by a recent wreck where 5 people are confirmed dead and 40 are still missing.  Just look at the devastation in the pictures, it's awful.

Here is my stance.  We should pursue new energy sources.  AND we should use the most current, safest and cost effective methodologies available today to use the energy sources we have available today.  For some reason people in this country think we're only allowed to do one or the other.  The obvious answer is both.  But then, that doesn't make for news, pander to interest groups and get people to vote for you.

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