Wednesday, July 10, 2013

For All People

Rights should be for all people, I'm a strong believer in that.  I'm not even sure I agree with standing laws that deny rights to felons.  If they are rehabilitated, they should be able to do things the rest of the populace can do, like vote and own firearms.  But quite honestly, I don't feel strongly enough about that to make it an issue.

What alarms me is when a portion of the government seeks to deny rights to specific people based on an agenda.  We saw this recently when the IRS selectively delayed certain applications and gave them more scrutiny.  Today I hear that members from the Department of Justice actually organized protests against George Zimmerman and were instrumental in organizing people to demand a sheriff step down.

That's outrageous.  The government, especially the Department of Justice, should work within the law.  When they campaign against people outside of the courtroom it's a travesty of justice.  Those are strong words, but there is no other way to state this.  They worked to incite public outrage against a man who may or may not be guilty of a crime.  I expect better of democratic first world governments.  Perhaps I shouldn't. 

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