Monday, July 8, 2013

Compilation for New Shooters

I started off this blog 18 months ago primarily as a resource for new shooters.  I work with new shooters a fair bit, and found myself typing up very similar advice and information over and over.  I figured if I put topics into a blog post, I could save time by pointing a person at that.  As well, I could take the time to be very inclusive.

Since many of those posts intended for beginning shooters are getting old, I figured I would link them here and offer any updates.  First, of course, we should start with the Rules of Gun Safety.  No matter how experienced you are it's best to start here.  Many people become complacent with safety over time, it's not uncommon for a lifelong shooter or police officer to have a Negligent Discharge.  In fact, just a week ago a guy I know who is a legal gun dealer and former marine fired a gun in his house unintentionally because he became lax with the safety rules.

Next up is how science and physics plays a role.  Many people I know who become interested and owning a firearm as adults are primarily interested in handguns.  Frankly, little guns suck, and here is a scientific explanation as to why.  Small handguns are much harder to shoot well than large guns.  Speaking of carrying handguns for protection, here are some thoughts about choosing a gun used for concealed carry.

I think most people's first handgun should be a 22, with recommendations here and some supporting data here.  But enough on handguns for now, because in general rifles make better defensive tools when they can be used.  Obviously they don't work well for concealed carry, but for most other uses they are an ideal choice. This post goes on to explain features one should look for if they are researching an ideal tool for defensive

Understanding criminals will show that it doesn't take much skill or a high level of equipment to maintain an advantage over common criminals and that's any person can become a credible threat.  Also, if you make the choice to arm yourself, you should put some serious thought as to options you have before a firearm is used.  It should be a last resort, something only used when no other options are available. 

Lastly, why I think you should buy a firearm at a small independent shop instead of a big box store.  It can be a much more pleasant experience.

Stay safe out there!

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