Monday, July 15, 2013

Government Agencies That Work, part 2

I've written before about government agencies that do a good job, and I wanted to add to that today.  Mostly when I deal with the ATF they are quite competent, if not overly speedy.  Here is an example of them doing great work.

267 illegal guns and more than 200 arrests in a 4 month operation to get illegal guns out of the hands of criminals.  This is how you positively impact crime in a region.  Passing more gun control laws doesn't work, but focusing on the people who use guns in crimes does.

Of interesting note, 78% of those arrested had prior felony convictions.  In total, the 200+ people who were arrested had been previously arrested more than 2,300 times.  That's 10 times for each person.  This suggests that many of these people are career criminals.  This is an act that will make neighborhoods safer.  Bravo ATF!  Well done.

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