Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Good Day

Yesterday was just about perfect, it featured many of my favorite things and was pretty productive.  I had the day off because I was picking up a new (well, 12 years old) car.  Since I had the day to myself I was able to help some friends as well.  I took a friends bike in for it's inspection and dropped it off to her, lending her my soon to be extra car since hers needs a repair.  I cut up some branches dropped by the storm.  I enjoyed both a meal cooked by my wife and some Mexican food.  I re-dyed some gear that a friend and I dyed the night before that wasn't quite as dark as I liked.  I went to the range to try out some new 45 acp loads and get some general practice in.  I picked up a car I'd been after a number of years and got to drive it about.  I paid $30 for an oil filter for said car in anticipation of doing the first maintenance.  I helped a friend pull an engine out of his motorcycle.  I got to experience the joy of two hot showers and two (or three) fine American beers.  I enjoyed a bit of adult time with the wife. 

All in all, about the perfect day.  All days should be that good!

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