Thursday, September 19, 2013

The War Against Guns in the Media

It is often heard that many mainstream media sources have a liberal bias that shows throw in their coverage of stories.  Many times this is dismissed, but a variety of sources have documented this phenomenon, especially during presidential elections. 

When it comes to the subject of firearms, this seems to be true as well.  The coverage of events often demonizes guns and tragedies are used as propaganda to promote control control points.  As well, when a shooter is conservative, the media runs stories on "right wing extremists" and blames the Tea Party or even Sarah Palin.  Shockingly enough, despite initial assertions by major media sources, most recent mass shooters have been left-leaning.  The DC shooter supported Obama, was a confirmed liberal and drove a Prius.  Of course, we don't see stories about how Obama supporters are crazed killers.  Imagine if the shooter was instead a big Tea Party guy, we'd hear nothing but how the Tea Party encourages extremists to be violent.

But what really stood out in this most recent event was how fast the media companies rolled out the anti AR-15 propaganda.  CNN ran a big special about how evil AR-15's are.  The Daily News had an AR-15 on their cover.  Even when it was shown that the shooter used a shotgun, not an AR-15, we saw stories that he tried to buy one. NBC did a "recreation" where the shooter had an M-16 with a grenade launcher.  Also it was classy the shooter was red (the color of Republicans) and all the victims were blue (the color of Democrats).  I am eye rolling so hard right now.....

The shooter never had an AR-15, yet there are hundreds of stories stating just that.  Why do we bother watching, listening and reading stories from these media companies anymore?  I don't.  You should probably consider avoiding them as well, since when you do you are making them money.


  1. Yeah, but you listen to the dorks on NPR, and they're even worse.

    Oh, and don't forget the dreaded 'AR 15' shotgun the gunman purchased, a la CNN.

    1. Actually on NPR this morning during the Diane Rehm show they spent an hour talking about how the dude was nuts and the system had multiple times to catch him and didn't. Not once in that hour did they push gun control. I was surprised, often the Diane Rehm show has a noticeable liberal bias. But NPR and Al Jazeera are the closest things we have to major news networks. CNN, MS-NBC and Fox are all seriously biased and focused on sensationalism anymore.

    2. I recall reading a post by a lefty saying how even seeing Bush's face made him nauseous. Immediate empathy. I feel that way about NPR. voices. It isn't possible for me to listen, as great waves of disgust wash over me as I cringe at the fake, anal twangs of the dorky twats and effeminate dorks that inhabit that particularly odious part of the spectrum. So, if they manage to restrain their childish obsessions every once in a great while, I will be unaware of it.

  2. Lowly, there is no reason to name call here, this isn't the fourth grade. I'd ask that future comments from you be constructive, I don't intend this blog as a place for you to continue to froth at the mouth about how you hate people. Get a livejournal or something if you need to do that.