Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dragon Day

As a kid Red Dawn was one of my favorite movies.  It came out during my formative years, when a boy is looking for his place in the universe.  The idea that a person could be heroic and fight evil is very attractive as a youth.  Nobody wants to be a banker at 16, they want to do something epic.  Red Dawn offered that in their storyline and they pulled from current geopolitical tension at the time to craft an (almost) believable scenario.  I love underdog stories.

The remake of Red Dawn, not so much.  Hollywood is so pansified they couldn't pick an enemy of the US better than North Korea, who isn't a threat at all.  It would have been too un-PC to pick a country that could actually do us harm, like Pakistan, India, China or Iran.  From the trailers it just looks like a typical action flick that really doesn't have any link to anyone's actual fears today.

But then I saw a trailer for Dragon Day.  This seems like a better remake of the original Red Dawn than the actual remake of Red Dawn.  It calls on actual concerns today- financial difficulties that cause the US to default on certain debts and cyber attacks on infrastructure.  Both of those are real risks we face in 2012, and something people are more concerned about than soldiers parachuting into our town square.

Since it's an independent movie, it may not have the amazing explosions and million dollar actors.  I think that makes me like it even more.  So many movies today let the story suffer and just fluff itself up with car chase scenes, acrobatic fights and big explosions.  I'd rather enjoy a story.

Anyway, here is the trailer.  Check out their site if you like it, they are looking for funding to finish it up.

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