Monday, September 9, 2013

They Must Think We Are Morons

Or at least too lazy to pay attention.  Maybe they are right. 
Remember when I mentioned that the US debt hadn't gone up a penny in months?  That was the end of July.  Guess what?  Six weeks later and it's still held at exactly the same amount, despite continuing to incur billions in debt every day. 

The financial statement released by the Treasury Department are lies, and anyone paying attention knows it.  Yet most media outlets are complicit, I heard on NPR today that we should hit our debt limit in October.  It doesn't take a math genius to know the numbers presented to the public are completely fabricated, yet the press is happy to report whatever the administration says.

It's time for new leaders and new press.  I fear what we have now has no desire to serve the interests of the populace or even take a modicum of effort when they are being misleading.  It's too much trouble to come up with a fake number, so they just keep using the one they have and just assume nobody will notice. 

I look forward to the next election cycle, I hope it brings some real change.

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