Monday, September 16, 2013

Being First is More Important Than Being Accurate

Today there was a man who shot some people in an office in Washington DC.  I'm sure it will be weeks before all the details come out, but that doesn't prevent the major news networks from broadcasting speculation and even lies about the event.  The companies are in such a rush to get the story first, that they publish or broadcast anything, whether it's true or not, to achieve that.  Every time there is a tragedy the news companies see it as an opportunity to make a quick buck.  They publish story after story, update after update, when there is no real and certified information available.  They just put something up so people will watch it and they get more money for their ads.

Look at the coverage today.  First there was a shooter, then 2, then 3.  Now maybe just 1.  Or maybe 2.  Or maybe 3.  Nobody seems to be able to decide.  The numbers of people injured and killed start small, ramp up then settle back down.  Two networks even released the wrong name, something they've done before.

It's atrocious.  And the best way to get them to stop is to shun coverage from the major news networks on events like this.  Let's be honest- it doesn't matter if you find out the details at 10 am or next Thursday.  But to the people who it does matter- like families of the victims, or people wrongfully advertised to be a killer, the media taking their time to get the facts in the story matters a lot.  Stop supporting the major media companies when they make a mockery of the facts.  They'll stop doing it if it stops making them money.

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