Thursday, June 13, 2013


Today on NPR the topic is again gun control.  As always, it's entertaining, if not necessarily informative.  Again their "advocate" for gun rights is our favorite astroturfer, Richarch Feldman from The Indpendent Firearms Owners Association.  You know, that guy I've mentioned before who claims to be the head of a gun rights organization who actually support gun control.  Displaying the opposition as being much closer to your opinion is how they try to shape public opinion by skewing what the middle ground is.

But my favorite part is the panel explaining why gun control efforts failed.  They claimed there was a conspiracy to stop the Manchin-Toomey amendment, that the only reason it didn't pass because people didn't understand what was in it.  (Their words, not mine.)

This highlights why they haven't been successful.  They aren't acknowledging reality.  They have this elitist belief than anyone who doesn't agree with them must be stupid, uninformed or delusional.  Sadly, by believing that they are embracing delusion themselves.  But that's OK.  As long as they continue to be delusional they aren't going to be effective at taking away any of my rights.

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  1. Having spoken with Richard a few times, I don't get the feeling that he's a 'plant'. IGOA is an interesting group and I agree with most of the conclusions they reach. M-T did have some good parts but had GLARING bad ones, much of which was pointed out by Richard before the votes went against the bill and every amendment.

    For example, it would have removed the requirement for shipping pistols from out of state FFLs to a in-state one, it would have removed transfers between family members who were in different states and had the two good amendments gone through would have blocked the VA from barring vets without a court order and would have granted national reciprocity.

    the bad parts were far more numerous. The 'this is not a registry' sections would have altered the Dick Act to allow future bills to create registries, a potential AWB and magazine ban would have become a reality and as worded the HIPAA blockage of access to non-judicial mental healthcare recipients would have removed rights from close to 30% of our fellow lawful residents.

    As an Armed Liberal, I would love to speak on NPR as to why we should not water down the Commerce Clause further with a Universal Background Check and why violating HIPAA is a HORRENDOUS idea.