Monday, May 20, 2013


Yesterday I went to the range with a friend.  It was a warm sunny day and great to be outside.  We traveled a bit to get to an unsupervised range, at the supervised ranges in our area you can't shoot prone.  I've been trying to shoot prone more often rather than from a bench.  There are no benches in nature!

So it was nice to get in some shooting practice, but was was really heartening was the people next to us.  It was a father with his daughter.  Now, that in itself isn't uncommon, I see a lot of families at the range.  What was more unusual was the girl looked like she was 6 or 8 years old.  She was sitting cross legged on the bench and shooting a rimfire rifle that had a bipod attached to hold up the front.  She was using her off hand to hold the stock up and using two fingers to pull back the trigger.  Not ideal form for an adult, but it worked great for a little kid.  She was safe, safer than some of the other adults I witnessed that day.

Oh, and she was hitting golf balls at 25 yards more than she was missing.  She'd pop a golf ball to make it bounce then hit it again when it stopped.  It was an impressive feat for a kid under 10.  Most of the adults I know can't do that consistently.  It was pretty awesome to see.

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