Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is This Where We are Heading?

History seems to support that as governments exist they become more authoritarian.  More laws get passed, more bureaucracies are formed, more forms have to be filled out for increasingly minute actions and personal freedoms are reduced.  We can certainly see that over the last few decades in the US, and it seems startlingly evident in other countries.  I can only assume we're on the path towards countries like Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.  We have a similar form of government and seem to be following the same path as them, albeit about 20 years behind.

So when I see stories from those countries, it makes me sad, because I see my country trending in that direction.  What sort of stories am I talking about?  Well, here are two from today.

In Canada a man has been arrested because his daughter drew a picture of a gun in her kindergarten class.

In the UK dozens of professional responders allow a man to die because their regulations prevent them from wading in waist deep water in a park pond.

This is the path we are on unless we change our ways.  Think about that next time you vote.  If we keep voting the same two parties in, we'll continue getting the same results.

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