Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 Election Thoughts, part 2

I find it incredulous that people like Santorum.  In my mind he's the worst sort of conservative- socially conservative (and hateful about it) and fiscally liberal.  We don't need another person who favors crony capitalism and throwing borrowed money at failed ideas.  How people see him as a good choice I do not understand.  He's publicly said that "contraception is not OK".  What the hell?  I mean, I almost don't have words to describe how screwed up that is.  I'm amazed that he has any support much less a lot of support.  At least he's managed to push out Gingrich from the spotlight.

I guess at this point, based on polling, I think my only hope for the Republican ticket is maybe Ron Paul is picked up as Romney's VP.  I'll probably end up voting Libertarian Party again if Paul doesn't make it on the R ticket.  I honestly don't see a big difference between Romney and and Obama.  Romney may be less imperialistic than Obama at least, but not in a significant enough way to make a big difference.  Under either of them civil rights and civil liberties will continue to be cast to the wayside under the guise of security and we'll continue to decline as a world power as we spend ourselves deeper into debt.

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