Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Basic Approach

I tend to view life with a basic approach.  It's certainly not rocket science, although it can be applied to rocket science.

I am often flabbergasted when people don't use this approach.  Too often I notice people wallowing in sucky situations they don't have to simply because they are comfortable with the suck and afraid of change.  Change can be weird, and it could be worse than what is happening today, but you'll never move to a better place if you don't try.

This approach works with so many things- politics, child rearing, relationships, engineering, diets, being on fire, etc..  I tend to use this approach in most facets of my life and I have to say it's allowed me to experience successes that I would not have other wise. 

Avoidance of change seems to be ingrained into our society.  I understand people can be afraid of change, but think about how not changing seeps into different aspects of our lives.  We're told that "The devil you know is better than the devil you don't", and we keep voting for the same two ruling parties that have disappointed us in the past because "Voting 3rd party is like throwing away your vote".  Our mothers tell us to find someone stable as a mate, not someone dynamic who will change with us as we age.  There is even the platitude attempted to solace those who fear change "The more things change the more they stay the same". 

Life is more interesting and people are more successful when they embrace change.  I often said I'd rather being an agent of change than end up as change's bitch.  Because that's what happens, the more you try to avoid change, the more likely you are to be left behind.

I think one of the failings of western culture is the lack of introspection.  We don't evaluate ourselves enough.  We have given up on the idea that life is a journey of self-improvement, that we suck and we should try to suck less.  I think everyone would be a bit better off and the world would be a much more diverse and interesting place if we all managed to do that a bit more.

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