Saturday, February 23, 2013


I love tires.  I'm an enthusiast when it comes to cars and motorcycles and nothing affects a vehicles traction more than tires.  I've got a 10 year old truck we use as our beater and I'm on my third set of tires.  The stock tires were pretty meh, as OE tires often are.  I replaced them with a set of Yokohama HT's, and quite honestly, they sucked.  They were awful in the snow, and only fair on wet or dry pavement.  I finally was able to wear them out and replaced them with a set of Cooper Discoverer AT/3's.  And in short, they rule.

We had our first real snow this week and the truck with those tires allowed me to rule all in the snowy wasteland.  There was 4 or 5 inches of snow and the tires chewed through it without issue.  They were equal in traction to the mud tires I had on my old jeep.  I will be buying a set of these again.  They've faired well in the wet and dry and I'm exceedingly impressed with the snow traction.  The fact they are reasonably priced is just a bonus.

If you're considering some all terrain tires for your truck or SUV, these have my recommendation.

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