Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Media as Propaganda

There are many people who assert the major news corporations are less focused on news and more on propaganda.  A number of independent reports would seem to back this up.  But we don't hold a candle to cold-war Russia.

These two books were recently declassified, they are Russian knock-offs of the Choose Your Own Adventure books popular in the 80's in the US.  The Russian versions however, promote the ideal that a person should not make waves and conformity and minding your parents is the best path.

The very first page offers the child a choice of whether to go into the woods, or stay at home like they were told by their parents.  If the reader chooses to stay at home, they win!  Behold the next page:

You wisely adhere to parental strictures. No doom befalls you and you go on to live healthily.


You have completed this story in the optimal number of page turns. To claim your merit badge, write "I have done this" on a 76x127mm index card and post it to:

Building 34
7th Microdistrict
Bishkek, Kyrgyz SSR
Soviet Union

(Limit of first four hundred children to request merit badge.)

That's just fantastic.  :-)

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