Monday, September 3, 2012

All Hail the Police State, part 8

The FBI has a variety of fliers they have made to help civilians catch terrorists.  These fliers are distributed to a variety of businesses to help enroll civilians in the important job of stopping domestic terrorists.  Some of these come off as quite ridiculous to me.  Overall they are unnecessarily invasive and only serve to keep people afraid and suspicious and turn citizens against each other.

Does a person or group of people:

Travel a long distance to play paintball?

Pay cash for Karate lessons?

Smell funny or make racist comments at a tattoo shop?

Buy a deer rifle at Christmas? 

Shop at a beauty supply store after they have changed their hair color?

Picket a construction site with pro-environment signs?

Well, according to the FBI, these people could be a terrorist.  Also, if you play paintball, buy plumbing or beauty supplies then the FBI suggests you need to show a valid ID.  It's craziness to suggest people should need a valid ID to vote, but our government suggests you should need one to take a women's self-defense class. 


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