Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2012 NRA Meetings and Convention

The 2012 NRA meetings were in St Louis this year and I attended on Friday and Saturday.  There were some neat toys, but one thing that really struck me.

The crowd was very skewed to people who are older, male and white.  This wouldn't surprise some people since popular media reports constantly call out how old, monochrome and penis-equipped NRA members are.  But in my experience at local ranges, gun shops and shooting events that doesn't represent the shooting public. 

There's not a time I go to the range when 25% or more of the people there aren't women.  At the range I go to the most it's common to stand in line next to a black woman, or a Hispanic dude, or an Indian couple.  It's odd to be there and only see white people even though the range is in a predominately white neighborhood.  I can't think of a time when I've been there and didn't see women.

The NRA show reminded me of the shooting range 20 years ago- a buncha old white dudes.  Hopefully the people who attend NRA events change like I've seen in the general shooting public.  The shooting community is better when everyone participates. 

Also, the attendees of the show were in general less attractive on average than the general public.  Or maybe I just hang out with attractive people or don't go to Wal-mart enough.  But it was noticeable enough that my wife pointed it out as well.  I found that interesting too.

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