Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Disparity of Power

As I've discussed before, the reason we have to hold government to a high standard is the disparity of power between the government and the average citizen.  If my neighbor who is a plumber is a dishonest, some of his customers may be overcharged.  If the local sheriff is a dishonest, then serious crimes like murder can be swept under the rug.  People at the DMV and the IRS have access to my private information and can easily steal it for their own gain (which happens more than you'd think).  If my senator is crooked, then companies can thrive to the detriment of citizens and the environment.  If the President or a General is without morals, they can easily murder people in other countries without retribution.

If you are reported to the division of family services, you are often assumed guilty and have to prove yourself innocent and capable of owning a child.  Meanwhile, the bureaucrat who works there has power over the disposition of your child.  Because of that power, it's so important they are held to a high standard and held accountable for misconduct.

What made me think about this again is a recent story where a child was stripped from their parents because they smoked pot, and placed with a foster family where it ended up dead at the hands of the government chosen caretaker.  Likely the bureaucrats involved will continue doing a shoddy job screening and choosing foster families, which is a real travesty. 

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