Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thnings I Don't Care For

I try to live my life according to a standard, with some sort of code of honor.  Not something cheesy like I'm a knight of the round table, but a basic set of first world standards.  I expect civilized people to hold to a certain standard as well.

I play hockey in a league, and feel the same way about sportsmanship.  There is nothing wrong with an honest scuffle between people, but guys that call for the puck when they are on the other team?  That's a great way for me to think you're a douchebag.  Same with hitting someone from behind and taking cheap shots.  I've got no problems with an honest penalty where a man goes after another man upfront.  But if you take a cheap shot when a man isn't looking and you've lost my respect.

The same goes for people who gloat when they win.  I've seen a lot of that with the election.  Winners should be gracious in their win and not flaunt it or get in the face of the losers.  In a fair competition there should be no derision offered by the victors.  Or the losers.

Losers should lose with grace as well, and not be petty or spiteful.  Losers shouldn't take cheap shots, they should accept the loss and focus on improvement.  Grim determination is appropriate, bitching is not. 

I'm often dismayed how people conduct themselves on the field of sport and on the field of politics, but I'm hopeful we'll see a return to honor again. 

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